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Delivery time

 ⚠️ COVID 19: Deliveries are maintained but the delivery time can be slightly extended. Take care of yourself!

The Nooz are delivered to the following countries. The delivery time varies from country to country. The time is expressed in working days(excluding Saturday, Sunday and public holidays). Any order placed before 11am will be shipped the same day. After 11am, the order will be shipped the next business day.  

(expressed in business days)




France, Monaco 1-2 business days -
UK 2-3 business days  1-2 business days
Danmark  3-5 business days  1-2 business days
Finland 5-7 business days


Luxembourg 3-5 business days -
Austria 2-3 business days -
Norway 5-7 business days -
Lithuania, Latvia  3-5 business days  -
Estonia 3-4 business days  -
Croatia 4-5 business days
Portugal 2-3 business days -
Romania 3-4 business days
Sweden 3-4 business days  -
Suisse 3-5 business days
Greece 5-7 business days
Liechtenstein 6-9 business days
Slovaquie 3-4 business days  -
USA 2-3 business days


Canada 5-7 business days -
Australia 10-14 jours -
Singapour 10-14 business days
Belgium 2-3 business days  
Spain 2-3 business days  
Netherlands 2-3 business days   -
Finland 4-5 business days   1-2 business days
Slovenia 3-4 business days  -
Italy 2-3 business days  -
Czech Republic 3-4 business days  -
Germany 2-3 business days
Bulgaria 5-7 business days   -
Cyprus 5-7 business days 
Hungary 3-4 business days 
Iceland 6-9 business days  -
Ireland 3-4 business days
Poland 3-4 business days  -


Please note that we also do not deliver to the province of Venice in Italy. The Balearic Islands, Canary Islands, Azores and Madeira, as well as Ceuta and Melilla, are also not served.If your country is not included in this list, it means that we do not deliver the Nooz there.

* In case of delivery outside of Metropolitan France, administrative and/or customs charges may be applied by transport.


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