• Original

    The Nooz Original are reading glasses without branches. 

    The lenses are made with injection-moulded polycarbonate et the nasal part has an elastomer. This piece is very important because it helps the glasses to stay in place but also provides you with all the confort you need while reading. The Nooz Original are very light, they only weight 6 grams. To know how to place the Nooz on your nose, you can watch this video:

    Nooz Original (oval et rectangle):

    Frame dimension : 110 x 40 x 5 mm

  • Essential

    The Nooz Essential are reading glasses with branches. 

    The lenses are made of polycarbonate, the frame with nylon TR90 and the branches with steel. Those materials are able to offer you a product ultra flexible. The Nooz Essential are also very light, they only weight 17 grams.

    They comply with European standards for pre-assembled glasses (NF EN 14139) and international standards for corrective eyeglass frames (ISO 12870).


    Nooz Essential dimensions:







  • How to choose the strength for my Nooz?

    To know the strength you need for the Nooz, you can print our eyesight test, available here.

    The Nooz are aimed at people suffering from long-sightedness. If you have an eyesight prescription, long-sightedness will be mentioned as ADD.

    Short-sightedness and astygmatism will not be taken into account on the Nooz.

  • What is long-sightedness?

    Long-sightedness is the consequence of the aging of the lens. Imagine the auto-focus of your camera that would be damaged. Your lens works the same. At some point, it hardens and is unable to contract and relax easily enough to offer a good eye focus. This results in difficulties to see from up close.


  • What is Nooz?

    Nooz are reading glasses correcting long-sightedness. They exist in 5 different correction (+1; +1,5; +2; +2,5 et +3).

    The Nooz are made of two pieces. The lenses, made of polycarbonate and the nosepiece, made of elastomer. The elastomer allows the perfect hold and comfort of the Nooz. The Nooz are feather-light as they weight only 6 grams.

  • Are the Nooz comfortable?

    The Nooz are feather-light as they weight a mere 6 grams. The nosepiece in elastomer offers an optimal comfort on the nose. You will eventually no longer notice them!

  • What way should I wear my Nooz?

    The Nooz do not have a front and back side. You can place them on your nose either way.

  • Are there Nooz sunglasses?

    The Nooz sunglasses are being slowly prototyped.

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