• Original

    The Nooz Original are reading glasses without branches. 

    The lenses are made with injection-moulded polycarbonate et the nasal part has an elastomer. This piece is very important because it helps the glasses to stay in place but also provides you with all the confort you need while reading. The Nooz Original are very light, they only weight 6 grams. They exist in 5 corrections which are +1; +1.5; +2; +2.5 and +3. 

    To know how to place the Nooz on your nose, you can watch this video: 


    - Nooz Original (oval et rectangle):

    Frame dimension : 110 x 40 x 5 mm

    - Nooz Smartphone (rectangle):

    Adhesive case: to stick on the back of your smartphone, tablet or e-book reader.


  • Essential

    The Nooz Essential are reading glasses with branches. 

    The lenses are made of polycarbonate, the frame with nylon TR90 and the branches with steel. Those materials are able to offer you a product ultra flexible. The Nooz Essential are also very light, they only weight 17 grams.

    They comply with European standards for pre-assembled glasses (NF EN 14139) and international standards for corrective eyeglass frames (ISO 12870).

    They exist in 5 different correction: (+1; +1,5; +2; +2,5 et +3). 

    Nooz Essential dimensions:






  • Blue light blocking glasses

    Blue light blocking glasses are currently under development.

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